Episode 87 – Ezra Zion Cigars

Episode 87 – Ezra Zion Cigars Website: http://www.ezrazioncigars.com/ Twitter: @EzraZionCigars Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ezrazioncigars Instagram: http://instagram.com/ezrazioncigars We were joined by Chis and Kyle from Ezra Zion Cigars for over an hour of good times. We also got a sneak peek at what they are going to do that I don’t see any other manufacturer doing. Take a […]

Episode 86 MoyaRuiz Cigars

Episode 86 – MoyaRuiz Cigars Website: http://moyaruizcigars.com Twitter: @MoyaRuizCigars Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/moyaruizcigars Google+: https://plus.google.com/101361066380233188278/posts Instagram: http://instagram.com/moyaruizcigars Late night show with one half of MoyaRuiz Cigars, Danny Moya. Very informative and a real great guy. Looking forward to having him/them back on in the future. Congrats to JohnG for winning the giveaway in the chat!

Episode 85 – David “Doc” Diaz – StogieFresh.info

Episode 85 – David “Doc” Diaz – StogieFresh.info Website: http://stogiefresh.info/ Twitter: @Doc_StogieFresh Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Doc.StogieFresh Great show this week with Doc StogieFresh who is a fountain of knowledge. Check out his website and you will understand what we mean.

Episode 84 – Bodega Premium Blends

Episode 84 – Bodega Premium Blends Website: http://bpbcigars.com/ Twitter: @BodegaCigars This week we had three of the four guys behind Bodega Premium Blends join us live with a giveaway! We also got some inside information into some new blends they are working on so check it out and remember you heard it here first.

Episode 83 Show You ask It

Episode 83 – You Ask It 8 Welcome to the eighth edition of You Ask It where we answer your questions to the best of our ability and truthfully. You can always email us your questions at the contact link above (oursite at oursite dot com), DM on twitter @Stogie411 @KnightRid @Hogman21 , or even […]