Episode 83 Promo – You Ask It 8

Our next show will be Saturday September 20th at 1pm est. This will be the eighth edition of You Ask It. People keep sending in questions and asking for these shows so we will keep doing them. This will probably be the last for a while unless a conflict comes up later in the year. […]

Episode 82 Promo – You Ask It 7

Just a little tidbit for you on our next show coming up September 6, 2014 at 1pm EST as we will be doing another You Ask It Show. We had a TON of questions come in and had a last minute scheduling conflict with the guest we were supposed to have so we figured, why […]

Episode 81 Promo – You Ask It 6

Just to let everyone know, we are going to be doing a You Ask It show this coming Saturday, August 16th at 1pm EST. If you have any questions you can join and ask in the chat or if you can’t join live you can email to our website at our website dot com, DM […]

Episode 80 – Promo – CigarChat

Episode 80 is coming up, July 24th 26th at 1pm EST. We are going to be joined by the guys at CigarChat and talk all about what has been going on over there. I hope you can join us live!

Episode 79 – Kurt Kendall

Episode 79 is coming up, July 12th at 1pm EST. We are going to be joined by Kurt Kendall and talk all about what Kurt has been doing and what he might be coming out with soon. I hope you can join us live!