Episode 42 – Jon Huber

Episode 42 – Jon Huber of The Crowned Heads

Website: http://www.crownedheads.com/
Twitter: @TheCrownedHeads @3BarHuber

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  1. Nice show all,

    If u get a broadleaf coming I will be a happy man, or even a San Andreas. Would love to try ur blending with those wrappers. Thanks for sharing the passion and providing sanity one smoke at a time

    • Greg – Broadleaf is my /dream/ cigar to work with Ernesto on. It’s off the table for a 2013 release, but I’m gonna keep pressing Ernesto.

      Jon Huber
      Crowned Heads

  2. That guy is what every cigar Guy should be hands down best guy in the business. Great show

    • Corey – Thanks for the kind words. Glad you enjoyed the show–the ‘Mikes’ do a great job and I am a fan of their show, as well.

      Jon Huber
      Crowned Heads

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