Episode 43 – You Ask it

Episode 43 – You Ask It

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  1. Another great show, fellas…enjoyed listening this morning while I smoked an HG Estupendos (plug-lol).

    Mike W – EXCELLENT headwear selection.

    Mike F – HAIR. CUT.

    Thanks for doin what you do–us cigar ‘geeks’ love it and you are muchly appreciated.

    Jon Huber
    Crowned Heads

  2. Great show guys

  3. Damn, I didn’t get an alert to the show. I have to commend you guys for the diplomatic response to the question about other blogger. Everyone has an opinion, and no one is right, no one is wrong. It’s all conjecture.

    Corey, it’s great to finally put a face to the name, although that Eagles hat? I know that Mike F. will take exception to that with his Pittsburg Bumblebees. :)

    I would like to see Reynold Benitez from P. Benitez Cigars, or Tony and/or Daniel from Casas Fumando on.

    Great show, guys!

  4. Guys, I just got the chance to finally watch the show. I am sorry that I could not attend. The show was excellent. I do hope that, in the future, you do indeed have another “You Ask It” episode as I would definitely participate.

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