Episode 85 Promo – Doc StogieFresh

Episode 85 is coming at you live this coming Saturday October 25th at 1pm EST and we will be joined by none other than Doc StogieFresh. Gonna be an exciting show so I hope you all can join us.

Episode 84 – Bodega Premium Blends

Episode 84 – Bodega Premium Blends

Website: http://bpbcigars.com/

Twitter: @BodegaCigars

This week we had three of the four guys behind Bodega Premium Blends join us live with a giveaway!

We also got some inside information into some new blends they are working on so check it out and remember you heard it here first.

Episode 84 Promo – Bodega Premium cigars

Episode 84 is coming at you live this coming Saturday October 11th at 1pm EST and we will be joined by the guy(s) over at Bodega Premium Cigars. Always interesting to talk to up and coming companies to see how they got here and where they are looking to go. Hope you can join us

Episode 83 Show You ask It

Episode 83 – You Ask It 8

Welcome to the eighth edition of You Ask It where we answer your questions to the best of our ability and truthfully.

You can always email us your questions at the contact link above (oursite at oursite dot com), DM on twitter @Stogie411 @KnightRid @Hogman21 , or even on our Facebook page and we will do another show like this when we have some questions queued up. Remember, you can join us live and ask your questions in the chat or even stop by Tobacco Company in Lemoyne, PA on the day of the show and ask Mike F. personally.

Episode 83 Promo – You Ask It 8

Our next show will be Saturday September 20th at 1pm est. This will be the eighth edition of You Ask It. People keep sending in questions and asking for these shows so we will keep doing them. This will probably be the last for a while unless a conflict comes up later in the year.

If you have any questions you can join and ask in the chat or if you can’t join live you can email to our website at our website dot com, DM on twitter, Facebook message, text if you have any of our cell phone numbers or you can try shouting out a window but with Old Mike being so old he wont hear you and I am so far out in the boonies trees will block the sound.