Episode 81 Promo – You Ask It 6

Just to let everyone know, we are going to be doing a You Ask It show this coming Saturday, August 16th at 1pm EST. If you have any questions you can join and ask in the chat or if you can’t join live you can email to our website at our website dot com, DM on twitter, Facebook message, text if you have any of our cell phone numbers or you can try shouting out a window but with Old Mike being so old he wont hear you and i am so far out in the boonies trees will block the sound.

I hope you can join us as these are always fun shows. This will be the only show in August due to being a major vacation month.

Episode 80 – CigarChat

Episode 80 – CigarChat – Cigar Federation

Website: http://www.http://cigarfederation.com/

Twitter: @LoganAtDell

Twitter: @RobbyRas

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/cigarfederation

We welcomed back Logan and Rob from CigarChat and Cigar Federation to talk about a whole mess of different things going on over there and even IPCPR. We hope you enjoy.

Yes had some audio issues again. Seems everyone was quiet in the beginning but Mike F. I am going to blame my Dell laptop since Logan was on :)

Episode 80 – Promo – CigarChat

Episode 80 is coming up, July 24th 26th at 1pm EST. We are going to be joined by the guys at CigarChat and talk all about what has been going on over there. I hope you can join us live!

Episode 79 – Kurt Kendall – 7-20-4

Episode 79 – Kurt Kendall – 7-20-4 Cigars

Website: http://www.7-20-4.com/

Twitter: @KurtKendall7204

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/7-20-4-Cigars/326769475175

We hope you enjoy our little chat with Kurt Kendall about 7-20-4 Cigars. Had a bit of technical problems in the beginning (My fault, Mike F. I take the blame, I was an idiot ;) AGAIN ).

Episode 79 – Kurt Kendall

Episode 79 is coming up, July 12th at 1pm EST. We are going to be joined by Kurt Kendall and talk all about what Kurt has been doing and what he might be coming out with soon. I hope you can join us live!